What if I…failed?

"Oh, umm, I can't make it out this weekend. I have other plans. Maybe next weekend?" With the dial tone ringing in my ear, I shook my head. Plans, Erica? Maybe curling up on the couch for a Grey's Anatomy marathon. To never know if this could have been my chance? Utter silliness. I gulped in a big breath and hit redial. "You know? I've canceled my plans. Saturday noon work for you?" It … [read more]

It is hard to fail quote Theodore Roosevelt

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Here’s lookin’ at you

Well, I thought I could let this slide past. I was tempted to say nothing, and I still am. But just like a white cow in a black herd, you notice when someone who authors a blog doesn't show up for a year. Yep, didn't even need my toes to tick off how little I've written. Six posts in 2013. A pre-schooler could count the minuscule molehill of words I've managed to sling together. Why so little? The excuses roll too easily. A new job, in a new place. Replacement … Read More --

Baxter Black on the Airplane Mini Screen

The only logical explanation is the airline is using hidden cameras to spy on me. Here's how it went down. I get on the plane last night. I pulled the short straw with a middle seat so I got in and out of my row three times. Airlines loading planes from aisle to window is like loading a pot of cattle from the step to the nose. It's a fancy plane with mini televisions in the seat backs with previews and advertisements rolling. Mine is advertising stock trailers. Or … Read More --

Chatted with 5-year-old you lately?

The first cold snap has enveloped us. The last remnants of fall slipped out the window, and the chilly fingers of impending winter snaked in the door. I'm a rebellious five-year-old all over again, shouting at Mother Nature "I don't wanna wear a coat!" As long as the wind doesn't blow and I keep moving, I've been able to tough it out. As we kick off Thanksgiving week, I can't help but be cliché in my thoughts. Thankfulness. We shouldn't have to put "thankfulness" on … Read More --

The Fitting Room

The last thing I wrote about was calving season. Now here we are in mid-August, the summer slipping silently past into the river of no return. It's been eight months since I started a new life. I'm still wiggling around in it to see how it fits. You don't know much of anything about a new job until you've been there a year, especially in the ultra-cyclical world of ranching. Until you feel how the seasons sit on your shoulders for a second time, you don't know if a … Read More --

Ranch Life Realities: It’s not all romance.

I lost THE book. And the binoculars, but magnifying glasses for creepers can be replaced. I LOST the BOOK in the middle of a thousand acres of wheat stubble. Each calf's color, gender and birth date are recorded in this book. Can you imagine if a hospital lost its birth records? I about tipped the ranger over. Not once. Not twice. THREE times. In a 60-second time frame. I'll ride a horse across a canyon rock slide without flinching. Put me in one of these 4-wheelie … Read More --