2012 Supermoon Photos

There was a supermoon (or is it super moon?) tonight. My fondness for moonlight dates clear back to when I was little and had to walk out into the pasture to turn the windmill off after dark. I thought it looked like most normal full moons outside of the weird vertical glow it had going on, but I tried to take pictures of it anyway. Hey, the more I type “supermoon”, the more it looks like supermoron. Yes? Anyone else? Psh. Here’s your 2012 supermoon from north Idaho.

2012 Supermoon Photo

2012 Supermoon Photo and Pine Tree

2012 Supermoon Photo Behind Clouds

2012 Supermoon Leaves Silhouette2012 Supermoon Leaf Silhouette Photo


  1. Beautiful! All of them, especially the one of the moon behind the clouds and the leaf silhouettes.
    It was really cloudy and overcast where I was last night and I couldn’t see a dang thing … so I went to sleep!
    My son was happy because he says I’m crazy for howling at the moon when it’s full. He’s 14, a very judgemental age, and of course, what he doesn’t know is I only do that when I’m with him … on purpose.

    • I almost missed the rising of it. Someone on west coast time tweeted about the supermoon, so I rushed out in a flurry of robe and slippers to grab a few shots. 14 is a very judgmental age – sounds like you are handling it perfectly. 😉

  2. Neat pictures, Erica. I have tried moon picts; I have also tired sunrise and set picts. They just are not my forte. Yeah for those that can have a knack for moon picts. The last 3 pictures are my favorite.

    I did se the moon at 4:30 this am.

    • I hate to think what you were doing up at 4:30 Robyn. I’ve tried moon pictures before, and these turned out better than past attempts. Maybe I’m getting better? Or maybe I just got halfway lucky. 🙂

  3. You got some great shots of the moon! I wish it was like that every night. It was so pretty!

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