Animal talk: What are they saying?

Two screech owls in a tree.

Look at these two creepers spying from a tree.

Ya ever wonder what animals are saying when they’re talking?

I do. Oh, sometimes I know, especially with cows, horses and dogs. But the other night I heard the owls hooting while I was out with the furballer. Haven’t had a whole lot of experience with Hooty McHooterson.

Were they just saying howdy? Welcome home? Wake up and enjoy the night? Hey look, there goes a redhead walking by in the dark?

I think two of them must have been married old hoot owls, because they kept interrupting each other.

That’s what is so neat about animals. Their language. The way they interact and speak with every part of their body and tones of voice.

It’s why it’s such a high when you hit that magic rhythm with a horse or a dog. Communicating without words. Connecting in ways we humans hardly ever manage. It’s a rush, isn’t it?

Coming in with Doc that night, I was working with him on his heel command. Once he’s told to stay by my side, he’s not supposed to release until I tell him so.

It was dark. Calm and cloudy with a faint whisper of moonlight. And we hit that magic rhythm. He stopped when I stopped. Stepped forward when I did. His nose never more than six to 12 inches from my left knee.

If you’ve ever wondered why people get knocked out crazy over animals, that’s it right there. When animals talk, humans finally stop to listen.

image credit {norasilk}


  1. Great post! Made me laugh, and nod in appreciation. Thank you.

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