Applying Life Lessons to Ranch Life

Once in an extremely great while, we are blessed with the opportunity to meet a person who will change our lives. Not an “on-the-surface-here’s-a-new-job” change of direction but an “inner-workings-of-our-souls” type of shift. Nick was one of those people for me.

He wasn’t a rancher. He never taught me a thing directly related to production agriculture, and yet? He taught me so much about agriculture without either of us knowing it.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Is the fence broken? Fix it, but if it isn’t necessary to replace the entire half-mile stretch, then don’t.

Don’t take shortcuts. Even though there are “never any cows up in this back corner”, taking 10 minutes to make certain will save hours later when you come up one calf short.

Show up on time. Don’t be the girl who is still buckling her chaps while everyone else is mounted up and pointing for the hills at a long trot.

Attitude is everything. Perspective is its best friend. At least you have legs to walk out on to check the heifers. Grumpy happens. Sometimes three days in a row. But if ranching – or whatever it is you’re doing – throws you into a sour tailspin for too long of a stretch, maybe it’s time to pick a different direction.

Be passionate. About ranching – or whatever job you have. About the people you love. About your life. About everything.

Nick was special. Just…so, so special, truly a one-in-7 billion type of guy. He’s been running with the angels for over three years now, but today would have been his 32nd birthday. I will always wish we could have had more time.

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