Beef Up YouTube Presence

We need to beef up the presence of beef on YouTube. (It’s been a long weekend; pardon the word play.)

But seriously. I was cruising YouTube this morning, typed in “beef” as a search term, and I was an entire page and a half of results in before I found one talking about how to cook beef tenderloin. I’d never even heard of all the top hits. Thanks to Google, I now know far more about Beef IV series depicting hip hop rivalries and beefs (arguments) than I ever needed to know – which was zero.

And you know how many pages of results I had to sort through before I found a video with footage of a rancher’s operation with actual live cattle? Page 4 with a 30-minute informational video on why the Japanese prefer Wagyu beef. (This was an unscientific search, by the way. I didn’t sort through hours of video so there may have been one higher up.)

While we’re talking numbers, how about this one? YouTube reportedly gets more than two billion hits a day, every day. If that doesn’t make your eyebrow hair stand on edge, the web information company Alexa shows that 26% of yesterday’s global internet users hit YouTube. That’s up from 25% of the 3-month average.

I talk, you talk, we all talk about sharing our agricultural stories. We need to be sharing our stories, because they aren’t “stories” – they’re the truth. Need a little kickstart? I especially like this video in the “I Am Angus” series, but the whole “I Am Angus” series of videos is impressive.

I Am Angus – Belton Family American Angus Association


  1. Great post Erica. You make a very good point, I will get me a you tube account soon and post some of my videos soon.

  2. Thanks Larry. I was talking to myself as much as anyone as I haven’t made any videos promoting this industry either. Looking forward to seeing some of your videos!

  3. Great points here Erica. I agree with ya. That is why I have been doing videos with several blog posts and posting them on YouTube. Look for the AgProud tag or my channel is AgProud

  4. @Ryan – I have seen some of your videos on your blog. Really enjoy them. I will head over to YouTube and look up your channel!

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