But Wait, Ranchers Don’t Get Sick Days

Today is Wednesday, I think. I’m traveling the uphill trail from nearly a week of illness. After muddling through the last two days of work last week, I was flat on my back for three days battling a fever that wouldn’t skeedaddle. Along with a horrible cough, no sleep and lack of appetite. I know, I know…could I be more of a whiner? Between you and me though, there were a handful of moments this past weekend I wasn’t sure where my next breath was coming from.

See? It was at least a little bit serious!

Today I’m back at work, and I was thinking about sick days and how incredibly thankful I am the organization I work for grants them. It wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t gotten paid the last couple days, I couldn’t have worked, but knowing the board I work for recognizes I might occasionally fall prey to some roving disease is nice.

But ranchers don’t get sick days. They have days they get sick, but they don’t get sick days. The cattle still need fed, hay still needs to be made, and water needs hauled. I know this. It’s the way my family operates, the way many of my friends operate, the way ranchers across the nation and around the globe operate. I am impressed with and have a high respect for their dedication to their animals despite feeling like cow slobber.

~ Photo courtesy Kriss Szkurlatowski

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