Cowboy Poetry Worth Reading

This is awful good cowboy poetry by my friend Mark. His poem Somethin’ Bout Ranchin’ is worth a read.

A couple-four of my favorite lines:
But there’s something bout ranchin’ that’s more than the look;
Something you can’t learn from a book.

Its having grit in your teeth and a want to in your eye.
Sayin’ “no thanks” as the sell-em-all wagon passes by.


  1. Erica,
    If you even get half a chance, you need to make it to Van Horn, Texas the third week of May. Not only do we have over 30 cowboy poets, singers and story tellers on our main stage…we also have over 20 hours of open jam sessions!

  2. Hey thanks Erica. Didn’t expect it to go “viral” haha. Glad you enjoyed it, I have a few more to put up you may enjoy. still writing that other blog we talked about in my head… (i struggle at times).

    • I’ll keep an eye on it so I don’t miss your future stuff. You’ll get that other blog down soon, and the struggle will only make it that much better. Looking forward to it!

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