Don’t forget your fencing supplies.

A couple weeks ago, I rode out to investigate a report of escaped cows. Don’t ask me why, but I forgot my fencing gear at the corral. Which I was regretting when I found two gaping holes in the fence up by the park – nearly an hour’s ride from the corral. But not nearly as much regret as when it started to rain.

Learn from me; don’t be the silly goose who forgets the fencing supplies. But anyway, here are a few shots from that day.

bright orange hunter vest

It's hard to not look good in a bright orange hunter's vest.

Fencing Bag on Saddle Horn

Doesn't every girl carry her fencing supplies in a purse with a little bling?


Jason is a little too close to elk colored for comfort.


  1. Good thinking on the Orange vest. Always take mine along during fencing trips this time of year, never know who will be wondering around. Maybe Jason needs an orange pad for safety!

    • Now there’s a thought. He’d look pretty smashing with an orange pad. I’m hoping hunters look at what they’re shooting before they pull the trigger, but you read about all the times they don’t.

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