Fear of the unknown is universal.

I like this quote by Temple Grandin in her book Animals in Translation:

Fear of the unknown is universal.

For cows, kids, pigs, adults – it holds true for all of us.

Then a follow-up quote on this page jumped out at me.

On its own, an animal will always investigate a novel stimulus, even though new things are scary.

How true is this? Don’t try to force your animal to be okay with something new. Give them a little time and some space, and they will approach a new obstacle in the right way for them. Almost always this ends in the discovery that it is not scary, and you can move on with no fuss.

And yet, how many times is it also true that humans won’t investigate new things? Change. Diving into new ideas and new projects. Everything from trying a different food to moving into a new career.

Maybe if we slow down and take a little time, alter our approach a bit or give the unknown some space? Maybe then we’ll find our fear is ungrounded. Then we can tackle the unknown, change the world and be the people we’re supposed to be.

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