Generosity of the Cattle Rancher

Earlier this week, a blogger I follow – Jenny at The Bloggess – had a giveaway of 20 gift cards to share her abundance with those who were in need. Those 20 gift cards were snapped up shortly, and Jenny took it upon herself to match up her readers who were willing to pitch in some help with those who needed help. Reading the stories of those who had nothing for their kids for Christmas, it hit me. And reading about the generosity of those who were donating their money? That hit me too.

Then I started thinking about cattle ranchers and the generosity they practice every single day. My dad is a cattle rancher. Some of my closest friends are cattle ranchers. Someday, if all the stars align and no trees fall in the forest within hearing distant, I will be a cattle rancher.

It seems, more often than not, the actions of cattle ranchers are tempered with generosity. Everything from caring for a neighbor’s down cow with all the attention he would give his own to giving a stranger a pull out of a snow-drifted ditch. I see generosity daily in the lives of the cattle ranchers who surround me. It is a hard life, cattle ranching is, but they share what they’ve got with those around them.

I think generosity has slipped a bit in our worlds. We live in an environment that seems to demand we go big or get the heck out, an environment that doesn’t leave a lot of room for generosity. Cattle ranchers – farmers, too, and agriculturalists and everyone who manages to lift their eyes from their own trials and focus on others – thank you for all your generosity.

Here’s to us all paying it forward this holiday season!

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