Harvest Bee

harvest bee, wheat, combines, washington

When a farmer or rancher is on the ropes, it’s amazing to see how many people come marching in to help shoulder the load. This photo* from a harvest bee near Oakesdale, Washington, for Jerry Smart is proof there are still some things that are right in our world.

They harvested 650 acres (60,000 bushels of wheat) in a little over six hours with 24 combines, 10 bankout wagons and 25 trucks. But more importantly, all the people who pitched in set aside their own harvest and their own plans to help a friend who really needed it. I can’t think of much that is cooler than that.

* I didn’t take this photo, and I’m not sure who did.


  1. That is one thing I love about living in a rural community — people are still willing to help out there neighbors and say hello when you meet them on the street. Thanks for sharing this heart warming story with us !

  2. That is an awesome photo. And an awesome showing of support from friends and family. Thanks for sharing Erica.

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