Help, my workout is killing me.

Here’s your weekly fitness PSA: I’m dying.

I wrapped up the first month of Insanity without too much trouble. It was hard, yes, but I kind of got into it. Then I had a week of recovery. The type of recovery that still includes exercise, just not insane exercise. And then I started the second month of the Insanity program.

Yowzers. Yow. Zers.

These workouts are officially beyond insane. The first day had me fighting down vomit. The second I almost broke down in tears. Today? I survived, but I was pushing the upper limits of my max heart rate.

I’m hitting a wall. I’m losing steam, and I’m struggling to stay upbeat about these workouts. I don’t look forward to coming home from work to an hour-long death drill with Shaun T yelling at me to “dig deeper” when I feel like a day-old pancake.

But I don’t want to quit. It’s not about working my way into the best shape I’ve ever been in. It’s not about slipping into my favorite pair of jeans. It’s not about wanting to look good in summertime dresses, for a guy or the numbers on the scale.

Not anymore.

Finishing. That’s all it is now. I want to complete this stupid, crazy Insanity program. I want to nail that thing to the wall and not let it beat me. I want to win. And for me, winning comes in the shape of doing the whole program.

It worries me that I’m slipping, though. That I haven’t been as strong mentally in this first week of the second round as I was during the whole first month. If I’m being honest, I get nervous about workouts and how hard they’re going to be. Sometimes I think Man, I better shave my legs in case tonight’s workout kills me and someone has to come in and find my dead body.

That last one was a joke. Kind of.

If I’m being perfectly and completely honest, I need help. I’ve never been one for support groups or rah-rah, let’s-do-this type of communities, but for the next three and a half weeks? I need that. I need some moral support to help me rally what remaining marbles are bouncing off each other in my head and not quit this thing I’ve started.

What do you do when your fitness routine hits a slumpy moment? How do you hurdle these workout walls?

* I liked this post by Kelly about rockin’ rural wellness, the challenges many folks face when it comes to fitness and a call-out for us all to support each other in our pursuit of a healthy life.


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