Here’s lookin’ at you

Well, I thought I could let this slide past. I was tempted to say nothing, and I still am. But just like a white cow in a black herd, you notice when someone who authors a blog doesn’t show up for a year.

Yep, didn’t even need my toes to tick off how little I’ve written. Six posts in 2013. A pre-schooler could count the minuscule molehill of words I’ve managed to sling together.

Why so little?

The excuses roll too easily. A new job, in a new place. Replacement of computer and software, camera and lenses. Less time, less internet access.

All true, but the real reason I haven’t been writing is I needed a creative interlude. An intermission of impossible length, far too long to expect the readers from Act I to be here for Act II. And that’s okay.

There are still a myriad reasons I’m hesitant to end my creative vacation, but I am often at fault for focusing on all the reasons something won’t work instead of honing in on the one reason it will. Right now, I am a camera on the one reason it will.

I think we’ll be shifting direction a smidgen here on the Rancher. If you are a young woman – or if you have a daughter, niece, wife, friend – interested in working on a cattle ranch, then you’ll want to check back in. To my two youngest sisters, Stretch and Slim? Here’s lookin’ at you, kids.

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