Hey, Scrooge, keep on walkin’.

Hold on to your knickers, I actually decorated for Christmas this year. With real effort and everything.

Christmas lights in the window

Look at the pretty, pretty lights in my living room window.

bull riding bucking Santa Claus

This is my bull riding, bucking Santa Claus. His leg keeps falling off, but I let him buck anyway. Real cowboys ride with broken legs, right?


  1. I just showed Rachel and Ashley. They thought the cow was appropriate, although factually erroneous.

  2. Haha, can honestly say I’ve never seen a bull riding Santa. cool! The extent of my decoration is my (unwrapped) gifts littering the living room floor.

    • I hadn’t seen a bull riding Santa either ’til now. Unfortunately, this is the extent of my decoration. For the most part, we are foregoing gifts this year. Oh wait, I did hang up a Christmas wreath on one of the light switches I never use. THAT is the extent of my decor.

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