How Agriculture Has Made Me Thankful

As National Agriculture Week is winding down, I’ve been thinking about how agriculture has made me thankful. Perhaps “made” isn’t the right way to say it, but agriculture has definitely impacted my perspective. There I go again, tossing around that “perspective” word!

  • Farmers and ranchers work hard to provide food. I’m thankful for everyone’s time, commitment and passion for the agricultural industry. That includes organics, small farmers, all-naturals, conventional, etc.
  • I get a little awe-struck when I think about how many of my day-to-day products have a connection to agriculture. It kind of rocks me back on my heels when I think about how far the reach of agriculture goes.
  • Being raised on a cattle ranch taught me compassion at a very early age. We did – and do – everything possible to maintain the health and quality of life of our cows and calves. I still remember the time a calf was born way too large and a little deformed. I named him “Big” (original, I know) and spent a lot of time babying him. I was devastated when his downhill start to life proved to be too much for him to overcome, and he died.
  • Just as agriculture taught me compassion, it also introduced me to the cycle of life. Cue The Lion King! As kids, we were never sheltered from the ups and downs of ranch life. We were out there working at 5 years old, so there wasn’t an opportunity to shelter us even if my folks had wanted to. I’m glad they didn’t.
  • Ultimately, my experiences in agriculture have helped me learn to appreciate the small things in life far more than I think I otherwise would have. I love the beauties of nature, a long ride on horseback, a good conversation, and a cold drink of water after a long day of bucking bales – all small things that have made my life much sweeter.

Agriculture – and in my case, cattle ranching – has had such an impact on my life. It has shaped me from the inside out, complete with toned biceps and muscular legs. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

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