In the end, God created jobs.

I was struck by a realization during church this morning: God has sure given humanity a whooole lotta jobs.

The pastor was talking about creation and the beginning of this whole crazy mess we call life. How the earth was created. How the sun was made to be just absolutely right to provide warmth and growing power without burning us up or freezing us out. The way rain falls miles out of the sky without drilling holes through everything it hits. The amazing interactions between plants, animals and the environment.

But then I thought So. God put all these really intricate masterpieces here. Everything from the complexity of what constitutes the planet beneath our feet to the galaxies above us. And humans have been trying their darnedest to figure out how all this stuff works ever since.

Like I said, that’s a whooole lotta jobs.

That’s one reason I like ranching so much. Sure, you work on genetics and building your herd. You make decisions about forage, vaccination programs and where to put the fence line. But, ultimately? Ranchers are just working with what God has put here.

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