IOU: A Homemade Christmas

A cedar tree cut from the pasture. Flannel shirts. Blizzards. Overflow of food – gravy! Piling into a mid-70s Ford pick-up to tackle the backroads to grandma’s house. Reading about the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve. Feeding calves. Homemade gifts.

Those are my Christmas memories. Humble, perhaps, but rich beyond any dollar amount.

Now I hear stories about how some woman punched somebody else to get an Elmo doll, sparkly doo-dad or whatever fad is happening that I don’t have any idea about. What kind of Christmas memories are those?

I’m not against giving gifts – I’m against mindless giving. And the best way I can think of to step free of the mindless giving cess pool is to do a homemade Christmas. At least once, at least partially.

Homemade gifts are chock full of love, time and thought. When you sit down to make something for someone else, giving a gift becomes a brand new thing.

Not good at making and creating? Do an IOU. For a week of doing the dishes. For a foot massage. For folding the laundry. For mowing the yard. For control of the remote. For just about anything, as long as it holds significance for the person receiving the IOU note.

It’d be a pretty great gift if my future husband were to hand me an envelope with a card that said, “IOU an evening horseback ride and a sunset picnic”. Provided I could cash it in during the summer months.

Maybe as a last-minute gift, slip a card in an envelope addressed to the family with “IOU a homemade Christmas next year” written on it.

IOU: A Homemade Christmas


  1. I have to agree. People these days get so involved with what they WANT for Christmas and that isn’t what Christmas is about at all! People need to remember the real reason why that is so important….

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