It’s Like A New Pair of Pants

Well, if you’re reading this, then you can see there’s a bit of a different look on PNW Rancher today. I’ve been working this theme over, trying to get it perfect. Ha! As if! Technology? Perfect? With limited time and lack of super-neat-awesome web coding skills?

Perfection doesn’t exist in this world, and certainly not in technology. This is a fact I’m grudgingly trying to accept. It’s also why I finally told myself to just activate the new theme already. I was close to hitting myself over the head with a 2″x4″ a couple times in frustrated battles with this thing. At least when you have a problem with a cow, you can see what the heck is going wrong!

I’m still making some minor tweaks here and there, and if something doesn’t work, by all means, give me a shout. It’s a little bit like a new pair of pants. You gotta break ’em in and get a little wear on them before they fit just the way you like.

Happy Friday folks!

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