I’ve got a long ways to run.

You might be thinking I dropped that whole Project Half Marathon thing like it was a sack of rotten eggs since I haven’t mentioned it in about, oh, three months. Falsehood. Project Half Marathon is in giddy-up, full-charge ahead mode.

It has been a difficult transition from Insanity into running slowly for a very long ways. I still can’t say that I enjoy it, but I am focused on my goal of completing a half marathon to the very best of my ability. High intensity interval training (i.e. Insanity) will be my reward for 13.1 miles of jogging.

I’m not a long distance runner so I’ve been hitting “oh wow this is the longest I’ve ever run at one time” moments on a regular basis. My scheduled 7-mile long run this past weekend didn’t happen due to unwellness. I felt guilty so I ate a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Don’t do that. It didn’t help.

This week I’m running 4.5 miles twice (last night and tomorrow night) with some shorter runs and cross training. I’ve been incorporating Yoga with Jillian and some hill work. Sundays are my long run days. I am tentatively planning eight this weekend. Cue the “I’m scared!” music.

How am I feeling? My body is sad. A blister and a strained calf muscle made last night’s 4.5 miles a tad painful. Mentally, I’m focused on my goal, but I really wish I was enjoying the journey more. I keep hoping a tidal wave of joy is about to sweep over me, and I’ll never want to unlace my shoes again.

I get through my runs with music and the champion of long distance running, my border collie Doc. He doesn’t quit. He doesn’t whine. He doesn’t get tired. Music wise I am stuck on stuff from my college days – which is both good and bad. Hinder, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Coldplay. It never fails to amuse me when Collective Soul’s song Run shuffles through.

Seriously. How can you not appreciate the irony of Collective Soul singing “I’ve got a long ways to run.”?

All I can say to that is, “Why, yes, yes I do indeed.”

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