Johnny and June

Regularly scheduled programming is interrupted today to share one of my favorite mopey-dopey, love songs. While most relationships would probably run a l’il smoother if they were tended to year-round instead of just on February 14th, well…if you only get one day, then you better be celebrating it with one of the 29 cuts of lean beef. Nothing says “Me love you big-time” like a perfectly grilled steak!

But anyhow, Johnny Cash is one of my favorite country artists. Yes, the man had some issues. Yes, most of his songs are played with the same three chords. But he could put more feeling and emotion into his music than a lot of people can put into their relationships. (Hence the reason we need a special day just for feeling and emotion, right?) While I’m not a huge fan of this music video, I am a fan of Heidi Newfield’s tribute to Johnny and June Cash. I think it gives a pretty good picture of the type of love a lot of folks are looking for, and…that’s about all I have to say about that.


  1. Awesome song. It is one of my favorites.

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