Love isn’t enough.

Love is rarely enough. Loving something and having a passion for something doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

I read this post last week by Doug Ferguson about how young people who want to get into the cattle ranching business need to have a plan. The only advice young people like myself who have such a dream should be following.

Loving cattle ranching isn’t enough to be successful at it. Breaking even every single year isn’t enough to be successful either. Sooner or later, something will wipe you out and all those years of breaking even will leave you nothing to fall back on.

This is a business. As Doug said, “It amazes me every year, how people will get into the cattle biz without a plan, or even without the thought of making a profit. No other industry in the world would try that.”

You need to have a plan to go with love. Success has a much better chance of happening with that combination.


  1. It has been fifteen years since I have returned to the ranch and I have seen many folks try and fail at ranching. Love is not enough. The profit margins are so small and anything can go wrong at anytime. Ranching has to become your life. There is God, Ranching, and Family are the three most important things in that order. You have to put ranching above everything else.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Jim. I agree completely. Especially with your statement about slim margins and the probability for things to go wrong.

  2. That rings so true for any business venture you try out. You always should have a plan and goals. Trying to start a new business on the fly is not a good idea and will only lead to failure. Great advice Erica!

    • Ah, so true on the failure without a plan part. Sometimes failure happens anyway (post coming on that soon!) but failure because of lack of planning is something I want to avoid.

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