More Than Cattle Ranching

I am not one-dimensional. No one is, but writing about one particular topic – ranching in this instance – can make it appear like I’m one-dimensional. Heck, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m one-dimensional. Though cattle ranching is a huge part of my life, it’s still only a part.

When I was catching up on my blog reading today, I stumbled across this post, What Fuels Your Passion?, by Ryan Goodman at Agriculture Proud. I started thinking. What am I passionate about? For people who only know me as a ranch girl, are there other things I’m passionate about that would interest them? Surprise them? Start conversations? Lead to deeper friendships?

As a person who is passionate about ranching, it isn’t much of a stretch to see that I’m also passionate about horses and the outdoors. Nor is it odd that I love border collies and the smell of fresh-cut alfalfa, a good rodeo and a nice pair of Wranglers.

But for my other passions?

Writing. Hands down. (Hello. I blog.)

Traveling. Road trips are my favorite. I’ve been on two major road trips (one to the upper east coast and one through the western United States) plus a myriad small day/weekend trips. I am starting to plan an Alaskan excursion and a trip to the southern U.S. I’ve never been to Texas; I have to change that.

Photography. I could spend an hour trying to find the perfect angle with the perfect lighting for a picture of a sidewalk crack. Which could be an indication I’m slightly cracked myself.

Running. *sort of* This one ebbs and flows. Sometimes I can’t imagine life without running. Other times I wonder why the word even exists. There’s a correlation with whether I’m in the middle of a run or not. Weird.

Music. I was a radio dj once, and I’d absolutely do that again. What’s not to like about sitting in a sound-proof room and essentially talking to yourself? I’m an accomplished pianist, and I’m in the middle of teaching myself how to play the guitar. And the harmonica. And the fiddle. The last one is going to require professional help though, mostly by demand of my neighbors.

I also enjoy finance, real estate, sports, self-defense, law enforcement, cooking, and reading.

And I definitely enjoy clean laundry and amazing food.

See? Not one-dimensional, and I’m saying that to myself as much as anyone else. I’m passionate about cattle ranching, but my other passions help keep me balanced. More importantly, they ultimately keep me from being boring.

How about you? Is there more to you than your 9-to-5 job and paying bills?

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