People Who Do

There is always work to be done. Seems like every time you turn around on the ranch, there’s something else to add to the list. It doesn’t matter where you work or live though. There’s always work to be done if you’re willing to see it.

Earlier this fall, a rogue cow busted up the fence on a small patch of creek pasture. She was one of the last to come out of the mountains, so the broken fence didn’t matter.

It was during our first – and only at this point – real snow of the year. A shade under a half foot of snow was on the ground, and it was cold. I walked on by the fence up to the corrals to put out hay for any remaining stubborn mountain mamas.

On my way back by, I debated fixing the fence. It didn’t really need to be fixed until spring, but it was there and it was broken. So I grabbed the stretchers and staples and put ‘er back together.

A few days later, the neighbor put in a gentle cow that had come out of the mountains on that fenced off bottom patch. I could have just walked right on by that fence earlier in the week, noticed it needed fixin’ and put it off. I sure thought about it. Good thing I didn’t.

There are people who do when they see something that needs done, and there are people who do when they’re told something needs done. The world is filled with both kinds of folks. What kind are you?


  1. I love this post! You are so right. My boyfriend likes to tell my son that the difference between a boy and a man (or a girl and a woman) is that the adult does what needs to be done, without being asked. There are lots of grownups who are “boys” or “girls” instead of men and women. Good for you for fixing that fence! If everyone in the world were so responsible, life would be a lot easier for all of us. Thanks for posting this.

    • That is great advice and oh-so-true. Sometimes I think about how much could get done if we all did what needed done when we saw it. And just like the fence, most things need fixing/doing sooner or later so might as well just take care of it sooner rather than later.

  2. Very much on point. Seems so many just walk on by assuming someone else will do the work / take care of the problem / fix the issue. Or the “I’ll do it later” mentality as well…causes so many headaches. Nice post.

    • Thanks, Bill. You’re right. There’d be a lot less headaches in the world if we all would do what needs done when we see it.

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