Perspective: National Agriculture Day

National Ag DaySpring is teasing us here on the Palouse. The sunshine is a little bit warmer, and the wind doesn’t bite as hard as it did a few weeks ago. Depending on where you’re standing, you almost get the idea it’s time to be in the fields. The south slopes of the rolling hills are bare brown, but the north slopes still look like the frozen banks of Alaska.

Perspective. How key that is in every aspect of our lives!

Today is National Agriculture Day. I find it fitting that the day chosen to celebrate such an elemental part of our lives is in the spring. It’s the time of year when so many cycles of agriculture dive in again – planting, calving season, trees leafing out. I love spring.

Even though few people are directly involved with production agriculture, this industry impacts everyone in so many ways from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. I am proud to be involved in agriculture – both in production agriculture and as a cog in the agricultural business wheel.

I am AgProud, because:

  • Feeding my neighbors is a worthy investment of my time, energy, and resources.
  • The slower pace of ranch life reminds me of what is truly of value in this life. There is nothing instant about raising cattle, and there is nothing instant about the things that really matter.
  • But despite what I’ve loosely termed the “slower pace” of agriculture, there is nothing at all “slow” about farmers and ranchers. They are some of the most intelligent people I know.
  • Raising food is hard work, and I am proud of the effort I have put in to agriculture as well as all the ranchers and farmers across the world.
  • Where else can you spend all day outside, working with animals, and making a living?

In my perspective, ranching and farming is an honorable profession. It is a lifestyle fit for nurturing families, shaping strong work ethics, and appreciating the small things. Regardless of whether you are planted in a high-rise apartment or call the sprawling acres of the country-side your home, agriculture is an imperative part of everyone’s life.

Celebrate National Agriculture Day today by tipping your hat to the farmers and ranchers who make our worlds go ’round!


  1. This is a great post. Be sure to share the link on my post from Monday.

  2. Awesome post! So many reasons to be proud of what we do each day.

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