Photography: How I Shoot

Photography is like picking up a clod of dirt. It gets under your fingernails, and it’s hard to get clean. Ever since I started playing with my mom’s 35mm point and shoot film camera in the 90s, I’ve loved this art form. Photography is saving memories. Capturing that moment of that day that you can never relive. It’s amazing. It’s powerful.

First, a quick bit about how I shoot.

  • I shoot mostly outdoors. Get me inside, and I have some struggles because I don’t have a good light or strobe system. I’m getting better with it as I become more intimate with my equipment.
  • Speaking of intimate, I shoot in manual mode but only in the past few months. Before that, I used shutter or aperture priority. More on intimacy and manual mode below.
  • About 95% of the time I’m on single point focus and rarely the center point.
  • I shoot in RAW format, except for time-lapse photography.
  • I shoot Canon, but I love the feel of Nikons – especially the shutter release – so I’m an equal opportunity employer of camera equipment.

I haven’t even begun what I really wanted to say, and here I’m already three ‘graphs in. I’m taking that as a sign, so I’m going to save my intimacy/manual mode spiel for next week.

If you’ve got some spare time dangling from your fingertips, give Digital Photography School a scan. It’s packed with information, and the forum is a great place to learn from other photographers.

Landscape photography of north IdahoA recent shot I kind of dig.


  1. Beautiful shot and good info, Erica.

  2. Stunning photo. I need to learn all my camera settings better! Thanks for the link. I can really use it!

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome. I love the easy access technology has provided us to all sorts of learning opportunities.

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