Ranch Life Tools: Wire Stretchers

I’m launching a new series today. I tried really hard to be creative, but sometimes you just have to call things like they are so…welcome to the Ranch Life Tools series.

In ranch life, there are seasons. Calving season. Haying season. Weaning season. And fencing season.

I spent the weekend riding fence and fixing the bad patches. I decided not to pack the wire stretchers on the horse, but there were a few places easily accessible along the road. Because I lack the upper arm strength of a sumo wrestler, I’m especially fond of wire stretchers for helping me get the wires as taut as possible. Without them, well, sometimes my strands of barbed wire have a touch of saggy pants syndrome.
Wire stretchers for barbed wire fence

So you just slap the broken wire into one end, the other broken wire into the other, and winch it until it is tight.
Wire stretchers holding barbed wire

Splice with another piece of wire by making a hook on the end of the wire that is part of the fence and a hook on the splice wire. Twist together.
Splicing a barbed wire fence with wire stretchers

Release the wire stretchers, step back and admire your patch job. Then? Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.


  1. Well that definitely has to make fixing a fence much easier! I didn’t know such things existed but then again our farms are so small we either have board fencing, plastic railing, or tape. So fixing ours isn’t as quick and easy. I feel like I learned a valuable lesson today lol. Funny how anything farm related seems valuable but everything outside of that topic isn’t. 🙂

    • It’s so interesting how things are different in different areas of the country. I love the look of board fencing, but it’s not practical for miles and miles of fence. Now when you come across a barbed wire fence that needs fixing, you’ll know what to do!

  2. We used a similar method on my parents farm back in the day. Except it involved two of my older brothers and my dad. I bet they sure wish they had one of these contraptions to make things easier 😉

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