Relationship Glue

This boy still makes me laugh after nearly three years together. That’s relationship glue, right there.

“Lovin’ Life”
He is a ridiculously happy dog. Except for his late tendency towards emo-ness and moping around on the porch until we go do fun things.
Border collie dog smiling

“End of the Performance”
He “bows” about 19 times a day. Usually he’s stretching. Sometimes he’s being a goof. This time? He’s giving the eye to one of his favorite toys…a dried cow pie.
Border collie dog bowing

This is his “you are acting like such a child, why don’t you grow up?” look.
Border collie dog


  1. That bow and stretch says it all. I think it’s the doggie equivalent of ” I LOVE MY LIFE!” Terah

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