Riding is good for the soul.

I don’t like starting my Sundays off trying to catch horses who won’t be caught. They get out on grass, and they get snappy attitudes. It makes me downright grumpy. But pairs are moved, and I pulled a wet saddle blanket off the paint yesterday. Riding is good for the soul, I think. If accomplishing something on the ranch doesn’t make a person smile, then I don’t know what will.

Moving beef cattle pairs to a new pasture on horseback

Pairs lined out for the gate

Patches, a paint horse who works on the ranch in north Idaho

Patches on the way home. He's a smart bugger but hard as pudding falling off a table to catch.


  1. Really loving your blog, especially since it is something I am missing right now myself. In between having a farm and currently having issues keeping me from riding my horses. That last part especially sux by the way.

    • Thanks Ray! I understand completely. At least you have a goal to shoot for of where you want to be. Good luck!

  2. Haha, “hard as pudding falling off a table to catch.” Can’t say I’ve ever heard it put that way before. Glad ya got him caught and I’m right there with ya on the riding. If I could ride every day, life would be so much simpler.

    • Got him in the corral with a little grain and then stood in the middle til he stopped running. He got tired of that game real fast 🙂 Yep I agree, if I could ride every day, life would make a whole lot more sense.

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