Seeing Double: When One Dog Becomes Two

Two Border Collies - Doc and the Stray

Doc is on the far side of the Stray.

It was all innocent enough. I was putting clothes away, glanced out the window and saw Doc standing on the road. I tapped the window like I always do to get him to come back into the yard. As it was registering that this border collie was too slender with too long of a tail to be Doc, the dog turned, looked and came trotting into the yard.

And now I have two border collies.

He’s really thin, so of course I fed him. I’m not cold and heartless, and the poor thing was staring at me with big brown eyes and his tail flapping back and forth like a windshield wiper. When he was still here last night, I decided I’d give him a bath. Goodness knows where he came from or what he’d been in to.

He’s a sweet thing. Intelligent for sure. Also insecure and desperate for human attention. He sat on my porch all day long, whining and wailing, while Doc was out hunting in the pasture.

I don’t need another dog, and I don’t want another one. Not now. I didn’t realize that until last night when this skinny little pup was wallering around in the living room.

Doc is trained. He knows not to jump on me, to drop to the ground when I say down, to not come into the house until I say okay. He’s housebroke, doesn’t jump on the furniture and doesn’t chew on things. He’s not make-my-coffee-in-the-morning type trained, but the amount of work I’ve put into him has paid off.

THIS dog…ugh. He was on the couch, drank out of the toilet and planted two muddy paws right on my clean Carhartt in the space of five seconds.

And yet…I mentioned he was sweet, right? And he’s got eyes that make my heart go a little squishy, and if I come completely clean, that little punk slept on my porch last night.

Valentine’s Day IS right around the corner so…who says the season of love can’t extend to a four-legged furball?


  1. You are in trouble.

  2. Was always fond of the saying that the best dogs pick you . . . until they show up at your house. LOL Good luck w/your new dog!

    Friends of mine still have their border collie, Rhonda Maude, that was dumped as a pup by their farm. Bad thing was the reason she was dumped . . . porcupine quill in her eye. I twitch just typing it too. She can’t see out of that eye but is enjoying old age on the farm still with her full grown pup Solo (only pup she ever had) by her side.

    • Very well put, Sue. He certainly acts like he was dumped, but he’s a really sweet boy. Thankfully no porcupine quills – I hate those things! If I can’t find a home for him, I suppose he’ll stay with me and be the male version of Rhonda Maude.

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