Seven in 2011

There are seven things I’m shooting for in 2011. I picked seven, because it goes with eleven – but this list is so much better than any 7-11.

1. – while it may not be obvious to anyone but me, this website is one of my children. Thankfully it doesn’t take real human food, because I detest grocery shopping. I have a lot of great, big ideas for I imagine those great, big ideas will get frisky and have lots of little baby ideas too.

2. Finish my MBA – yes, I’m getting my MBA! Masters of Beef Advocacy that is. I’m about halfway through it right now, and I am discovering what a great asset it is in providing detailed information to help me support the beef industry. Advocating is far more successful with a quiet voice, facts and intelligence instead of slugging it out, toe-to-toe in a shouting match.

3. Train the Fur Monster – I have a border collie cross dog. Or he has me. I’m not sure which it is, but Doc Holliday is tipping the scales at 50 pounds and is a hair over 16 months old. He’s got down and wait fairly well engraved in his brain. We’re making solid progress on with me and easy. From what he’s shown me, I think he’s got the desire and the intelligence to be a good cowdog. And I have the desire to train him, but I may lack the intelligence. 2011 is the year to test all of that. Tips? Advice? Comment or email me!

4. Cookery – I bought a quarter of beef – grain-finished for any who care about those things. It is arriving in all its beefy glory this week, and…now I have to cook (which also means I have to *shudder* grocery shop). How many ways can I creatively use ground beef? The weekly (give or take) Recipe Round-up will chronicle my beef cooking adventures. *Hint: This week it is pizza casserole that I’m still dreaming up in my head. Details and photos coming down the trail.

5. Connect – Continue with #agchat, and make connections with agricultural folks from across the globe. Social media is amazing in its ability to connect people who would otherwise never have crossed paths. It is so encouraging for me to see so many people working in agriculture, for agriculture and in love with agriculture. If you’re into agriculture and social media, you can find me on Twitter @PNWrancher. Sometimes I even post oddball things. Like the time a man asked where my husband was at a church potluck dinner. I wonder why he was asking?

6. Ride, baby, ride – life looks a whole lot better from the saddle. There is nothing so wrong in my day that can’t be soothed with some quality time spent on horseback. Like Chris LeDoux sings in The Ride: Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky, and live like you ain’t afraid to die and don’t be scared, just enjoy your ride.

7. Photography – a picture is worth about 8 million words to me. We can all talk until we’re blue in the face. We can try to convince people that agriculture is an honest endeavor and farmers and ranchers are good stewards of the land and its resources. But think about all the anti-agricultural propaganda that goes viral. The majority of it contains videos and pictures. Telling doesn’t always work; sometimes showing does. Even if it doesn’t make a dent, photography is cathartic for me. It’s like saying, “I can’t paint, but I can sure take a heckuva picture of someone who does.”

Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, awesome goals for 2011! I am very excited that you are going to work on completing your MBA. Can’t wait to hear about your recipes. If I find some I’ll be sure to share.

    Making some changes to my blog is a big goal of mine for 2011!

  2. We will have to keep each other on task with our bloggie changes. I love working on it, but dang, it’s time consuming!

  3. I like your seven items for 2011! I *just* redesigned at the beginning of December after inadvertently deleting the whole thing one day during some “cleaning.”

    I totally want to get my MBA too … but the other one 😉

    Well, here’s to a great year in 2011!

  4. Accidentally deleting it?! Yikes! I hope you do get the real MBA…that’s a great goal…for some year, anyway!

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