Snapshots of Winter Ranch Life

Frosty Morning in North Idaho

This was so beautiful. The frost on the trees. Whispers of clouds hugging the hills. If only it hadn't been 7 degrees!

Black Angus cows on the ranch on a North Idaho Winter Morning

These black angus cows were just waking up to a single-digit degree morning on the ranch.

Black Angus First-Calf Heifer

Black angus first-calf heifer...fat, sassy and ready to be an awesome new mama.

Frost on Barbed Wire Fence

Does this photo need a caption? This is about the time my fingers went numb from the cold.

Border collie, Doc, running down snowy road

This is what a best friend looks like.


  1. Love the pics! I’m not a huge fan of snow but I do love how it makes everything so much prettier in winter!

    • Thanks, Ashley! I am hankering for spring, but it’s fun to shoot in the snow. All the black animals makes it a challenge. So does the cold, but it’s usually worth it.

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