What does artificial insemination look like?

Ever wondered how artificial insemination of beef cattle happens? We bred the Black Angus heifers a couple weeks ago using artificial insemination, and I put together a photo journey of the process. Check back later this week for more information!

The breeding box. Backed up to the head-catch chute, and it worked like a charm.
Breeding box for artificial insemination of beef cattle

The heifers marched right into this black hole, and that bar dropped behind them so they couldn’t back up.
Rear view of the breeding box for artificially inseminating beef cattle.

The semen tank. Precise handling of semen is required to avoid damaging it.
Semen tank

Preparing the semen straw for delivery to its final resting place.
Making sure the semen straw is dry

Aerial view as he works to artificially inseminate this Black Angus heifer.
Palpating a Black Angus heifer in preparation for artificial insemination.

Inserting the semen straw.
Inserting the semen straw.

Breeding cows is fun!
Ranch life is a fun life.

The door is activated by pulling a rope, allowing the heifer to leave the breeding box.
Black Angus heifer leaves the breeding box.

A front view of the breeding box. Someone should have been proactive and taken pictures before we ran the heifers through.
Front view of the breeding box.