The Simplicity of Ranching

I logged onto my blog’s dashboard, and this spam comment popped out at me.

“You should spend more time working on this blog.”

Good golly, was the spammer reading my mind? I was just thinking that I needed to buckle down, get the redesign launched, and put on my serious face about getting some charming and informative articles whipped up. Truth is, I’ve spent the last month or so whittling down my life to a simpler pace. One that doesn’t have me wrenching my head off like I’m a chicken on its way to the stew pot.

Simplicity. It’s what I like about ranching. You have a major goal: breed the best baby calves you can, get them on the ground healthy and make sale day in the same shape. Ranching itself is not simple. It demands an incredible amount of brain power, muscle power, and emotional power. It demands all that a person has to give and then a little bit more. But the idea of ranching? The framework upholding this way of life? To me it is simple, and I like that. It feels easy and natural, like it’s a pair of favorite blue jeans.

So I am simplifying my life into something that feels a little bit more like a pair of blue jeans and a little less like a poorly tailored business suit.

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