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I was searching around the internet for tips on how to write the first post of a new blog – more than a little asinine considering I’ve been blogging for about four years. I’ve written many first posts, but you know that feeling you get when your significant other finally invites you home for Christmas dinner? That feeling that has you in a sudden panic to find the exact right outfit because you can’t wear your standby Christmas sweater with the reindeer and the fuzzy red nose?

I’ve decided the exact right outfit for this first post is to tell you a little more about me. Over the course of the next, oh, few decades, you’ll read exactly what PNW Rancher is about – being a resource for the PNW beef cattle industry and an information source for those who don’t know much about the cattle business. But I suspect I will rarely talk about myself beyond today, so read up!

(For a concise picture of PNW Rancher, please visit the About page.)

My name is Erica Beck. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Iowa and moved to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) about three and a half years ago. Love it here. More than I love apple pie, and I am a woman who really enjoys apple pie.

I have two undergraduate degrees in nonsensical things: sports management and criminal justice. Currently, I am pursuing a masters degree in agricultural education with an emphasis in animal science. While I find myself wondering why I hopped back on the school train without checking where the next stop was, I think it will all work out in the end. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll find out when I get there. Oh, I also work full-time in agriculture communications for the dry pea, lentil and chickpea industry. I only spend the majority of my time there. Hard to believe I almost forgot to mention it.

Four is the number of sisters I have and one brother. I am by far the shortest one though I have as much as a decade in age on some of my siblings. However, I am the only sibling with red hair – what I lack in height I make up with my sparkling and witty personality.

While beef cattle, ranching and horseback riding are my passions, I do try to diversify my interests. I enjoy photography, running, writing, snowshoeing, good books, going on road trips and learning mixed martial arts. Every woman should learn how to properly punch and kick someone. I believe in God, but I lock my car and keep a golf club by the back door just in case. Doc, the border collie pup

On a final note, I have a dog that has wormed his 50-pound way into my heart. He’s approaching a year and a half old, and cows are his favorite thing. Even if we weren’t bonding over our bovine love, I’d probably still kinda like him with a face like this. Photo: Doc, the border collie pup

Thank you so much for following along with PNW Rancher, and the journey I have mapped out in my head. I don’t know if there is any treasure at the end of the rainbow, but what can it hurt to ride along and see?

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