We’ve all got a little country in our souls.

I think the vast majority of people have an interest in cattle ranching. Or maybe I should say they have an interest in what they perceive cattle ranching to be. Thanks to John Wayne, Louis L’Amour, and the sport of rodeo, a lot of folks have at least a passing interest in ranching.

Several years ago, I was on a sports marketing trip in Phoenix with a dozen of my college classmates. While there, we visited a dude ranch. I enjoyed seeing some of the desert scenery so different from the lush and green rolling landscape of Iowa, but observing my classmates – many who hadn’t ever been on a horse – was really interesting. They all wanted to know more about their horse, the history behind the ranch, where the cattle were, etc.

I really think most people are like that. Chris LeDoux sings, “Even cowboys like a little bit of rock and roll.” – and the same goes for city folks. They’ve got a little country in their souls which puts us all on the same page, right?

I mean, at least in the first paragraph, we’re all connected to that spirit of wide open spaces. It’s a good place to start a conversation.

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