What Single-Minded Focus Can Accomplish

Eyeglasses focused on running shoesAs I hit the last month on the Project Half Marathon trail, I’ve looked back at what I’ve already accomplished. Premature, I know, but I needed some encouragement this weekend, and it is amazing what single-minded focus can accomplish.

It all started with two crazy-induced months of Insanity in January of this year. Then I switched over to running. Jogging slowly for a really long ways? Entirely different way of fitness than the high intensity interval training of Insanity.

Yesterday I ran nine miles. Nine miles!! In an hour and 37 minutes!! Exclamation points for everyone!!

You all? I’m doing this. I’m actually doing this. And it feels good.

It also feels like a very large reminder that is burned into my brain each long-run Sunday. When you knuckle down and really go after something, you will accomplish it.

I haven’t gotten a lot else done outside of work besides run and train for Project Half Marathon. My house is a mess, my bed is never made, my laundry is never caught up – but that’s okay with me. I want this under my belt, and I want to run this half marathon on Memorial weekend to the best of my ability.

And now I’m thinking, what do I want to turn this magical single-minded focus on when June hits? I think I already know.

P.S. – it isn’t magic. It’s hard work, determination and never giving up.


  1. That is awesome you ran 9 miles. I started running last summer and only got up to 4 miles. It does take determination to exercise..at least for me it does. I like getting in shape but I hate how boring Running can be. I have to constantly think of new ways to challenge myself while I’m running so I won’t stop. Do you have that same problem?

    So what’s going to be your new focus for June? Still going to involve fitness or something different?? 🙂

    • Oh it takes a ton of determination for me to exercise as well. And running can be really boring! It’s why I like high intensity interval training. Having the half marathon goal has really helped focus my running though. If I was just doing it for fun – well – I probably wouldn’t be doing it.

      As for the new focus in June…you’ll have to come back in June to find out. 🙂 Not focused on fitness though. I’ve been doing that for four months; time for a new focus!

  2. Hi Erica,

    I’ve just discovered your site! : ) I love it – I love your pictures, especially!

    I’m a runner, too. I hope your race goes great!

    • Thanks, Carla! Yes, here’s hoping the race goes well. And right now, “well” means not dying before I cross the finish line!

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