Why are you still sitting there?

Three words that will get you no further than the chair you’re sitting on? As soon as.

As soon as you get home from work.

As soon as you have three kids.

As soon as those three kids are in school.

As soon as those three kids are graduated.

As soon as you have enough money saved. (What is enough?)

As soon as you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. (Hint: no one does.)

As soon as you get flowers from the neighbor boy, build a white picket fence, lose 10 pounds, get a nicer car, land the perfect job.

As soon as all that happens, then – and only then – will you roll the dice on what you’ve been dreaming of doing.

As soon as you start saying “as soon as…”? That’s when you hand the dice away.

Why are you still sitting there? Go get the dice back, and roll ’em.


  1. Wow..I’ve used those 3 words a lot lately and you’re right. I’ve completely handed the dice away because I’ve wanted to do so much and haven’t b/c I always had the excuse of “As soon as..” You’ve inspired me to write down the things I’ve been putting off and start holding myself accountable for making them happen. Life is short and if I don’t go after it now, I might not have the chance later.

    • First step in getting the dice back is having a plan…way to go! And looking forward to seeing what happens when you go after what you want. 🙂

  2. This was so me a few years ago! Even now, when I know better, I still catch my self saying “as soon as”! Thanks for the little kick in the pants…..now off I go!!

  3. You forgot, “As soon as in stops rainin “…

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