Working in a Man’s World

Sometimes, being a woman in a man’s world has its own set of challenges. Like when you’re out in the hills all day long, and you really need to empty your bladder. Men don’t get it. How can they? Between you and me, it is possible to use your horse for cover when there are no trees. But that’s just between you and me.

So a couple weeks ago, I was feeding square bales of hay off the wagon to the cows. I’d left my pitchfork with the two unfortunate souls who had drawn poop-scooping duty, so I was flaking it off by hand.

We met the other wagon on its way back to the barns, so I hollered a request for their pitchfork. I was getting hay in all types of places there should never be hay. Which was why I might have been a l’il grumpy in the following exchange.

The Dave: Here ya go. (Handing pitchfork to GR. The person who was driving the wagon. The person who also happened to be a man.) You want me to pitch that off?

Me: Helllooooo. Standing right here…

GR: *Laughter*

The Dave: Nuff said.

Was I not doing an adequate job – no, an outstanding job – of feeding hay? Did I suddenly become invisible when another dude galloped up to the scene? Now, to be fair, The Dave and GR – all of the crew for the most part – will readily acknowledge my abilities in their chest-thumping, man’s-man arena. Whether that’s because I have proven myself capable or because they are wary of igniting my red hair, I’m not sure.

As a woman of my particular size and stature, I can’t do anything but admit that I can’t measure up in some categories. I can’t lift as many heavy things. And…I can’t lift as many heavy things. But I can be creative with how I accomplish tasks. I can think smart and work hard with what the Good Lord gave me, and I can learn if only someone teaches me how it is done.

Thankfully, I have been blessed to work with men who don’t often treat me as a second-rate citizen who can’t pull her weight. About the only thing I hate more than being told to sit around and look pretty is pineapple. But I have been there before, put in a position of not being good enough because I didn’t possess the right equipment, and – well – let’s just say that’s a mistake those particular men never made again.


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